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JM Landscaping installs and repairs irrigation systems for residences and businesses all around southwestern Washington. We install drip systems, sprinklers and offer irrigation contracts that include winterizing spring startups and backflow testing. John is a licensed backflow tester and plays a vital role in ensuring the cleanliness of our drinking water


  • Irrigation Repairs

  • Irrigation Instalation

  • Backflow Testing

  • Drip Systems

  • Sprinkler Systems

Watering the lawn is a necessary activity for many homeowners who desire a high quality turf. When done correctly, irrigating turf will ensure better density and growth that allows the turf to compete more effectively with weeds and to reduce other pest problems. A healthy turf can offer outstanding protection of water resources by significantly reducing surface runoff and soil erosion and increasing the infiltration rate of water into the soil. 


Understanding a few basics of turf growth and the effects of supplemental irrigation can help determine the best approach for your property. The major factors involved in proper irrigation are the desired level of maintenance, soil conditions, the water delivery system, weather conditions, and the timing of water application.

For Backflow Testing, please email
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