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Patios & Pathways

Enhance your space with a custom-designed patio or pathway. We are experts at laying pavers,Flagstone, Architectural Slabs and rock to create the perfect spot to put the barbeque, porch swing or patio furniture. Do you spend time outdoors in the evenings? We install many types of outdoor lighting, to make the yard more pleasant at night.

A client contacted the JM Landscaping team because they were overwhelmed with blackberry brambles. They had a steep embankment behind their home that ran about 60 feet long and 30 feet high and it was absolutely overrun by Himalayan blackberries. This is a notorious invasive species that takes over empty lots, forest land and backyards all across the Northwest. It is difficult to remove, due to its strong canes, sharp thorns and tenacious root systems. A real challenge!


So, the homeowner called our team to remove the blackberry and transform the embankment into a beautiful, usable space. This gorgeous property is right next to the Washougal River and was ripe with possibilities. The team got to work on removing the blackberries, while planning the finished design. As we worked, we discovered that the soil underneath was quite rocky, full of large stones


that would need to be removed. Rather than charging extra to haul them away, we incorporated them into the design, by building a low stone wall at the base of the embankment and lining the stairway with stones.

We built a lovely, winding pathway up the side of the hill, using pressure-treated 4×6 steps to make it more accessible. The path wound around existing wires imbedded in the hillside. Once the structural walls and steps were in place, we completed the transformation by planting

groundcover, grasses and shrubs throughout the embankment, filling in the areas in between with attractive (and weed-repelling) bark.

This embankment was completely transformed from a treacherous, unusable space to an attractive hillside, perfect for admiring the view and enjoying a quiet moment. We eliminated a harmful plant, beautified the space and increased the property value for the homeowner.

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